The Ireland online casino industry haspicked up in the past decade, thanks to renewed interest in online gameplay. More casinos have come up, and finding a good website has become much easier for players who are ready to start playing casino games and winning big. Even so, many players are unsure what makes a good casino and what differentiates such a website from the many others online. Luckily, resources like topcasinosites.ie have come up, detailing which sites are best and what makes them unique. But if you would like to know how such sites come up with the ideal online casinos in Ireland, keep reading:


What Factors Should You Consider?

The main determinants players look at when choosing online casinos are:

  1. The variation in games,
  2. The payout methods,
  • The casino interface, and
  1. The customer support.

However, there are several other factors you should consider, including:


1.      Licensing

A licensed casino is subject to an array of rules which determine what it can and cannot do. Such policies include financial transactions, software providers and assessments, payout procedures, and more. Using such sites is thus often safer in the long run as players can avoid getting duped. And in recent years, more players have become keen on whether sites are licensed as an extra precautionary measure. While this is good, licenses are far more complex than you may think. So, it would help if you also looked at:

  • Who has issued the license? Licenses are not equal as their strength comes down to the issuer. If the licensor is strict, the license will have more effect than one issued by a licensor who barely steps in to deal with arising issues.
  • Is the license valid? A site may have obtained a license years ago and has not renewed it. Or it may claim that it has a license from a licensor, yet the licensor has revoked the license. So, you must dig deeper to uncover the truth instead of taking the license information at face value.

All in all, a licensed site (regardless of the issuer) is always safer than an unlicensed site. Thus, cross out any sites without licenses before moving forward with your selection.


2.      Jurisdictional Aspects

It’s easy to assume that all casinos can operate in your country, but that is not always the case. Some may not have the right to accept players from your country. And while you may still decide to play with them because they offer good terms, this is often to your detriment. If conflicts arise some time down the road, the casino is not obligated to cater to your queries. After all, your use of the site will violate its policies. And it can thus get away with not paying out your winnings as you will not be eligible to win them in the first place. So, always check if using the site is okay based on the countries it operates in.


3.      Reputation

What reviews has the site garnered? The general rule of thumb is to work with casinos with good reviews for the most part. That’s because your experience with a site will likely mirror that of past and present users. So, if a site offers great services and fast payouts, you will likely get the same treatment. When looking at reviews, you should consider:

  • The site’s age: Sites that have been around much longer will have more reviews. And as such, it is much easier to get a general overview of their services as the reviews will span years. So, if a site has a rating of 4/5 over 3 years, that is a good sign. Newer sites are often harder to gauge as their reviews span a short period. For example, a site may have a rating of 4.6/5 but has operated for the last 6 months. And knowing if this trend will continue can be hard. Even so, focus on the rating and opt for casinos that have operated for at least a year as such a trend is easier to forecast.
  • The trend of the reviews: Casinos sometimes change their management or ownership. Or the management may have taken heed to past reviews by unsatisfied clients and changed their systems. So, a site may have had bad reviews in the past, but this has since changed. The easiest way to tell if the new ownership or management is good is to look at the most recent reviews. If these are good, the site should be worth a try. But if the recent ones are bad, avoid the site, regardless of how great its past reviews have been.

It helps to be realistic when looking at reviews. Very few sites can 100% match the needs of the players, and what some players consider important may be a non-factor to you. For example, a player may leave a 2/5 review because they wanted to use crypto, and the site does not offer that option. And yet, you do not want to use crypto, and this will thus not affect your experience.

Additionally, consider the rationale behind the reviews. Some clients may leave bad reviews because they are having a bad day or did something wrong and want to blame the site for it. That’s why focusing on the overall picture gives you a better glimpse of the actual situation than reading single reviews.


Finally, compare the casino’s revenuewith your bankroll. Say, for example, you are a high roller who wants to deposit $10,000 into the casino monthly. And you hope to be making as much as $100,000 each month. Does the casino have the financial ability to pay out such winnings? What if you won $1,000,000? Find a site that can pay out such money if you are playing for large amounts. Else, you may face some challenges in the future because the casino cannot pay you even if it wants to hold up its end of the deal.

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