It Is Now Possible To Enjoy A Short Break in Thailand

The world is certainly becoming a smaller place. We are able to instantaneously connect with people on the other side of it thanks to the internet. Trade routes are becoming longer, meaning we can enjoy exotic foods just by popping to the local supermarket. Cities are becoming more and more diverse enabling us to experience different cultures without even leaving our parish. It’s all brilliant news for those who want to experience the world, but better than that, flights that would have once required at least one stopover can now be made direct, thanks to improved engineering in planes. One of the first companies to jump on this in the UK has been Scoot, who now offer direct flights from London Gatwick to Bangkok. This means that in just eleven hours, you’ll be able to be in a country that anybody who’s travelled there will probably describe as paradise. This is our guide to making sure that your getaway goes as smoothly as possible.

Prepare For That Flight

Whilst compared to flights with layovers, the travel time is fast, you’ll still need to be prepared to spend around eleven hours in the air. Making sure that you’ve got plenty to keep you occupied is key and with the in-flight WIFI that’s available on all of Scoot’s flights, it couldn’t be easier. You no longer need to worry about downloading a few episodes of that series that you’re watching, as you can log in to Netflix and stream instantly on the flight. You don’t need to bother downloading games ahead of time either, as it’s possible to play online too. Those that enjoy casino gaming should be aware that there are some different rules in Thailand than in the UK though, so it can pay to swat up on those. Asiabet has made this easy with their guide to playing online roulette (รูเล็ตออนไลน์) in Thailand. They not only provide a whole list of casinos that are safe to use in Thailand but also give information on finding bonuses too.

With entertainment taken care of, all you need to do now is relax. A set of noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs is a must for anybody wanting to get a good night’s sleep on the flight. Whilst some people are blessed with the ability of selective hearing, most of us aren’t and if there’s an upset baby or a loud snorer on your flight then you’ll be so pleased that you brought something to block out that noise. As well as this, consider an eye mask as some people will want to look out of the window, letting light in. You could also bring a flight pillow to make your journey more comfortable and even snacks if you think you might get a bit peckish beyond what the airline provides.

Pick Your Destination Carefully

Thailand is a stunningly beautiful country. The natural landscape is lush and green, with white sandy beaches, spectacularly blue seas, and enough undulation in the terrain to offer breathtaking vistas around most corners. It’s therefore really easy to fall into the trap of thinking that wherever you travel will be a tranquil and unspoiled paradise. Whilst this is certainly true for some of Thailand and its islands, there are some destinations that are much more set up for partying. If you’re the kind of person who’s after a party holiday then this is great news for you. Ko Pha Ngan is the ultimate nightlife destination, famous for the full moon parties which take over the island each month. As well as this, you’ll find beautiful beaches packed with similarly minded tourists, all visiting this island to have as much fun as possible. There are lots of beach bars, as well as locals selling rides on jet skis, paddleboards, and speed boats. If this sounds like your idea of heaven then Ko Pha Ngan is the place to go and if you really love it then with Thailand’s new 10-year visas for wealthy citizens, you could stay for a whole decade if you can prove your earnings!

If Ko Pha Ngan and its nonstop party atmosphere doesn’t sound like your idea of a great time then don’t worry. Most of Thailand’s other islands offer a far more laid-back holiday experience. Koh Lanta is an excellent choice as whilst it was once a closely guarded secret, the island has experienced a small influx of people who’ve brought it up to scratch for discerning tourists. You’ll now find a handful of restaurants serving delicious Thai food, as well as an excellent paved road network that is perfect for keen cyclists or motorbike enthusiasts.

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