The Most Popular Online Bingo Games

It’s one of the world’s classic games – so it should be no surprise to anyone that bingo has become one of the success stories of the internet.

That great ‘eyes-down’ experience is now enjoyed by millions of players across the world via smartphones, computers, laptops and pads.

Today in the UK, many bingo players opt to play online bingo games and it’s all thanks to the incredible spread of remote internet access and smartphones. From the bus stop to a lunch break at work, it’s easy to have a quick game wherever you are.

The boom in internet bingo is also thanks to the rise of super-slick, well-presented, high-tech online casinos. These canny operators have helped cleverly update the appeal of this centuries-old game.

In fact bingo has never looked so good, with great design and enticing presentations. There’s more variety, fun and excitement in online bingo than ever before.

And the best casinos now offer a great user-friendly experience.It’s quick to join, easy to transfer money and the games are simple and fun to play.

These leading online operators have another great advantage over the old land-based bingo halls too.They have as much space as they want – because the internet goes on forever!

This means online bingo operators can offer all sorts of games and varieties of those games. You could find bingo alongside a table of hardcore poker or a wide selection of slot machines too.

Once registered, it’s easy to switch from one game to another and back again. Have a quick session or settle down with a drink and a bag of crisps for a serious session.

Of course a real-life bingo hall doesn’t have the room to provide all sorts of games all at the same time. It might be a big old hall, but it has physical limitations.

What it does have though, is the pull of being a familiar landmark within a local community. It may be a distinctive old cinema or theatre, or it may be a purpose built hall in a shopping complex or trading estate.

Whatever style of building, a bingo hall is a venue that attracts people for a whole social experience, perhaps including food and drink.

That’s why the best online bingo operators have cleverly introduced chat rooms and group forums into their bingo pages. Playing online can sometimes seem a little solitary – but not when you are chatting with other players from all sorts of backgrounds and regions.

The online bingo operators have also been able to spread the appeal of bingo by adding features and variety to the classic pen-and-paper game. These are some of the varieties you can now find:

90-Ball Bingo

The classic form of bingo is widely available on the internet. It’s your chance to ensure you still get the full classic bingo experience, including ‘two fat ladies 88’ of course!

The 90-ball game usually involves a 15-number card of three rows of five numbers. There are usually prizes for completing rows as well as finishing the whole card.

80-Ball Bingo

A shorter form of the game has been developed for online operators. Players get a card with 16 numbers with four rows of four.

Rather than finishing the whole card though, players have to form a specific pattern with their numbers, like all four corners or vertical lines. It makes every game different and keeps players on their toes.

75-Ball Bingo

Players in the USA love this new version of the iconic bingo format. There’s even more action and variety in this game.

You get a card with 24 numbers on a five by five grid, with the middle square blank. Prizes can be won for horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.

30-Ball Bingo

If 75-ball bingo on a 24 number card isn’t busy enough for you, how about this crazy new variant? There are only 30 balls to pick from, so the numbers come fast and furious.

It’s a fun version of the classic that’s become popular with the new generation of online players. Each card has just NINE numbers!

So the game is quick. All you have to do is fill your card – and with just 30 numbers it won’t take long.

Usually the 30-ball bingo games have one jackpot prize – for the first player to complete their card.

Other bingo variations

Online operators are always trying to add variety and interest to their games. One way they can do this is by varying jackpots in a game.

Look out for progressive jackpots – this is where the prize grows as more people join the game. This increases the excitement, and the jackpot can grow until it is finally won by a lucky winner.

Other versions can involve a proportion of the jackpot being equally distributed among a section of the players. For example, it could be that half the prize money is split between all the players with just one number remaining on their card.

It’s a good way of spreading the final thrill of the game among more players. The more winners, the merrier!

The online world has taken bingo to its heart and created more variety in the classic game than ever before. But don’t forget that reason bingo is so popular and has remained popular for so long.

It’s because it has a simple easily understood formula than ensures every game is a thrill. Whether you play online or offline, bingo is ALWAYS fun!

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