Top Gambling YouTube Channels of 2021

The popularity of YouTube is astronomical; there’s pretty much nothing that you need to learn that’s not on the platform. Whether you are looking to learn how to cook your favourite meal or just learn a new skill, there’s always something for you on YouTube. So it’s no surprise to see YouTube channels that are purely created to deliver content centred around gambling, as it has always been around for a very long time. The advent of the Internet age has led to more popularity for the industry, with different gambling sites springing up every day. According to a republic ResearchandMarket, the gambling industry is currently worth over $516 billion. With a lot of new players looking to get a share from this huge industry, it’s no surprise that there are YouTube channels dedicated to helping them get through the basics of gambling. So if you are new to gambling or a veteran who still wants to learn from some of the very best, you should stick around and find some of the best gambling YouTube channels on the Internet. In no particular order, here are the best Gambling YouTube Channels of 2021.

Rocknrolla’s Channel

Features of the channel:

  • Live Board and Card Games
  • Live Stream of Casino Event and Exhibitions
  • General Game Review

Rocknrolla offers more than just a YouTube channel. It provides a whole casino house where the owner of this YouTube channel regularly gets updates from. Created back in 2005, Rocknrolla’s channel became known for poker in 2015 and has since grown from strength to strength. Everything about the channel is LIVE! This channel promises the best in slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack live actions. The humorous conversation and quality of content have left subscribers glued to the channel for ages. Most of the videos feature high-energy live streams of casino events, online games, and a few made just to introduce Rocknrolla collections to its subscribers. 

The channel is just a few subscribers off the 70 thousand subscribers mark with over 29 million views. There’s also a dedicated website for the gambling community where various reviews like Aristocrat free pokies, thunderstruck II, and general online casinos are posted. Aside from the thriving YouTube channel, Rocknrolla has also a twitch one that is the rave of the moment. 

The Bandit’s Slot 

Features of the channel:

  • Slot Reviews
  • Event Live Stream
  • Tips and Tutorials
  • Giveaway and Sponsored Prizes

This channel is one of the most successful gambling channels on YouTube. Why wouldn’t it be? Bandit’s slot has been active for well over 5 years giving reviews, expert tips, and also live streams of some of the biggest casino events in the gambling world for its almost eight thousand subscribers on YouTube. It currently has well over 27 million views on YouTube, showing how much gamblers find quality from watching their videos. Though the channel is primarily focused on slot games, you would find handy tips on this channel that you could add to your arsenal in other casino games. 

The YouTube channel also reviews the newest slot games, so if you are in the market for new slot games to try out, you should definitely be looking at Bandit’s Slot. One of the most underrated benefits of this channel is the way it follows up-to-date news on the biggest free spins and bonus options that slot machines have got to offer players. Bandit’s Slot also runs prize draws to its thousands of subscribers, which the channel does in partnership with some of the biggest names in the slot machine business. 

Brian Christopher Slots

Channel’s features:

  • Live Gameplays
  • Industry Updates
  • Tips, Bonuses, and Tricks

Brian Christopher tried his hands on Hollywood before starting BCSlots in 2016 as a hobby, and now the channel has grown to become one of the most followed gambling-based channels on YouTube. With over 400 thousand subscribers and over 260 million views on YouTube, BCSlots is probably the most followed gambling-based channel in the world. Christopher uploads daily content that focuses on him visiting different casinos, winning games, losing, and his reaction to some of the biggest gambling news all over. 

BCSlots is so great that there’s a dedicated fan club with a huge following who call themselves the Rudies. If you are looking for videos on how to play slot games for as low as $1, you should be following Christopher’s video. There have been various videos on the BCSlots channels about how to play slots with betting $1 and those going as far as $100 just for a single spin. He also regularly posts content centred around bonuses, jack handpays and various types of free spins available. Chris is so known that he even has a dedicated article on Forbes about his life, background and worth. If you are all about winning, there’s still a video on his channel of Chris winning over $10,000 in one night from a jackpot. 


Main features:

  • Live Gameplays
  • Industry News and Updates
  • Collaborative Content 
  • Tips, Bonuses, and Tricks

Sarah Ellen runs the Slotlady YouTube channel, and she’s surely the boss lady when it comes to female slot YouTuber. The channel currently boasts over 187 thousand subscribers with over 91 million views since the channel started. Sarah posts videos every single day at exactly 7 pm ET, and her smile is also something to look at aside from her brilliant videos. She has always referenced her love for gambling as the reason why she started the channel in the first place, with the YouTube channel her way of showing the world her love for gambling. Slotlady primarily focuses on live gameplay of brick and mortar casinos, but she also posts videos on other gambling platforms. 

The channel also features exclusive casino bonuses as well as reviews on some of the biggest free spins available. But for that, Sarah runs a patron page, where gambling enthusiasts can get more premium content on what she knows how to do best – gambling. Slotlady gameplay features live streams of just a few dollars to some going as high as 25 dollars for a spin. Sarah also has a very strong social media following on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she preaches her love for gambling. 

Lady Luck HQ


  • Live Gameplays
  • Industry News and Updates
  • Tips, Bonuses, and Tricks

As the saying goes, the stronger, the better. This channel is run by a couple of Francine and Miran Maric. The channel currently has 170 thousand gambling hopefuls that follow every single video on that channel, and with almost 80 million views, you would say that they enjoy what they are seeing. The first video posted on the channel was on February 26, 2018, and since then there has been a video on the channel every single day. While Francine is the major face for this channel, Miran pops up a few times to add his say on the gambling news the world over. Miran also acts as the editor of the channel. 

Lady Luck HQ’s channel focuses on high-limit slot games around the United States, particularly in Miami, Vegas, and Florida. The channel notably rose to prominence when Francine was in a video titled ‘MASSIVE $18,000 HAND PAY JACKPOT’. This video currently has over 6.9 million views on YouTube. Aside from gambling content, the couple of bloggers runs a few merchandise sales with a Lady luck mug going for about $15. On the flip side of the cup, you get to see Francine’s face on the cup.


Main features of the channell:

  • Live Gameplays
  • Poker Tips and Strategy
  • Industry News and insights

If you are a low-staker, then VegasLowRoller is surely one channel that you should be subscribed to. It features a man who just wants to enjoy gambling even though he plays at the lowest limit. It currently has over 103 thousand subscribers, with the channel boasting over 68 million views. This channel is based in the gambling city of Las Vegas, so you can be sure of the best casino slot videos from here. Here you would get the feel of someone that actually loves gambling and winning, and he’s often seen wildly celebrating even a $1 win. 

VegasLowRoller has been around for a very long time, with the channel starting way back in 2011. So you can be sure of watching a real veteran every time you open Vegaslowroller videos. You would get videos around slot games with some occasional poker game to spice things up a bit. There’s also the regular travels around the many casino game houses littered around all of Vegas and its luxury. The channel also has a Patreon that offers more exclusive insights and gossip on some of the biggest news around the casino industry. 

Fruity slots

Features of the channel:

  • Slot review
  • Live Gameplays
  • Industry Updates
  • Giveaway and Prizes

We have had a few one-man, or let’s say one woman army YouTube channels and another one for a couple; how about one that a group of friends created? Fruity slot is a popular UK YouTube channel run by three friends Josh, Jamie, and Scott and their fun live streams. They post regular videos on how to use the newest slot machines with live feeds from various online casino tournaments. 

Another reason why you should be looking at the channel is that they hold exclusive draws to give various prizes to their thousands of subscribers. The channel currently has about 38 thousand subscribers on YouTube and about 18 million views of the videos. What started as a group of friends who were trying to project their love for gambling has progressed into a community of followers that regularly tune in to updates. Aside from daily casino slot streams, the channel also tries to add a bit of humor to the content they provide too. Most of the content on the channel is usually written by top professional players so that you can be sure of the very best. 


YouTube is the biggest vlog platform in the world, and rightly so. If you are looking at learning something new, then you can always count on quality videos from YouTube. One industry that has benefited from this has been the gambling industry, with channels springing up by the day offering expert tips and exclusive content to its subscribers. On the other hand, if you are just looking to have a good time watching something, some of these channels have some of the most colorful content to keep you engaged. Aside from learning from some of the best, some of these channels also host different prize tournaments that would definitely keep you in your seat. 

While this list does not rank the channels, and there are probably other channels doing more, you can be sure to get the best from the channels in this article. You would have different channel options for all types of gambling, so it doesn’t matter what your pick is; there’s always something for you. Again, it doesn’t actually hurt to follow all the channels here. 


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