Football is the most popular sport in the world, and it is thus not surprising that most punters choose to bet on it. But is that the case in Ireland? Are all punters looking for an Irish betting site that will take their football wagers, or is there more to the sports betting market in the country? We look at the top sports in Ireland and how they have influenced the sports betting culture in the region.

Which Sports Take the Lead?

The uptake of any sport in a country comes down to various historical aspects. If people associate the sport with fun or look to it as a road down memory lane, they embrace it and have no qualms about wagering on it. And that’s why a sport may be a hit in one region, which may not be so in another country. So, what takes the cake in Ireland?

1.    Gaelic Football

In many countries, football (referred to as soccer in some regions) is the top sport. But in Ireland, Gaelic football bags the win, hands down. This game has a rich culture in Ireland, having been introduced to the country by immigrants. It features two teams, each with 15 players. The players pass a small ball to each other as they try to score in the opponent’s goal. The game is fast-paced, and it is easy for teams to have a considerable goal difference within a short period.

Given that it is the national sport in the country, many punters happily place wagers on it. So, it is thus quite understandable that many betting sites in the region now cater to betting markets for this specific sport. And how could they not? After all, this sport attracts at least 3 billion fans! That kind of audience is a goldmine for any bookie with the right incentives to attract eager punters. And in Ireland, the interest is rife as its national teams rank in the top 40.

2.    Football (Soccer)

Football also has a rich history in the country. People have played it since the 17th century to bond, pass the time, stay fit, etc. As things stand, Gaelic football still takes the lead. But recently, there has been more emphasis on the growth of this sport, seeing as it is highly lucrative. So, more children and adults are learning to play football. The sport will likely take off as much as its counterpart in time. But in the meantime, punters are content with placing wagers on local and international football events. Most actively support teams in major leagues and thus invest quite a lot of time and money in wagering on them.

3.    Hurling

Hurling is yet another sport ingrained in the Irish culture as it has been played from one generation to the next. But what does it entail? Picture men in helmets, divided into two teams with eight players each, running across the pitch and trying to get a small ball into a goal. The players can handle the ball by hitting it with a stick or carrying it with the stick. It is a lot like hockey, and many people correlate the two.

The action is quite fast, and the odds change considerably in real-time. Which bookie would not want part of that action? While this is not a sport you would ordinarily wager on in most sites, you can find it in Irish-oriented betting platforms. And you can also have your pick as to which team will play at the highest level.

Hurling continues to grow its fan base as more people enjoy playing it for fun. Many fans even take it up as a pro sport.

4.    Rugby

If you follow rugby, you’re likely not surprised that Irish punters love wagering on rugby. After all, this game has quite a rich history in the country, having been introduced back in the 19th century. Players did not waste time creating a rugby football union in the same century and have kept at the game ever since. Ireland has one of the strongest rugby teams in the world, which has proved to be a force to reckon with time and again. Their national team has won the Rugby World Cup and the Triple Crown, a show of how strong it is. As you can imagine, punters are always eager to throw their hats in the ring whenever the national team plays against other teams.

Rugby is set to keep growing as it boasts tens of thousands of active players in Ireland. Additionally, many young people take it up as a pro sport from a young age, despite all the bad rap about contact rugby. So, the Irish team, which is already a formidable force, is set to become even stronger!

Are you ready to place your wager on any of the sports above? Before you do, you should:

  • Get to know how each sport works and what factors can help teams win – you can learn this by watching a few games,
  • Assess the strength of each team based on past and present factors, and
  • Find a reliable bookie with competitive odds.

Sports betting is fun. But it is even better when you know a thing or two about the sports you are placing wagers on. After all, the more knowledgeable you are, the easier it is to spot discrepancies in bookie odds and use them to your advantage.

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