Amy Duggar: Jana is Controlled By Her Parents! I Can’t Talk to Her!

Amy Duggar is making the most of her time in the spotlight.

By continually calling out members of her infamous family.

Earlier this month, Amazon released a documentary titled “Shiny Happy People” that featured an inside look at the Duggars and the Institute in Basic Life Principles… which is the fundamentalist Christian movement to which Jim Bob and Michelle subscribe.

Amy is Jim Bob’s niece, she sits down for an interview as part of this special — and she trashes the heck out of her relatives throughout the sit-down.


At one point, Amy says Jim Bob allowed his daughters to be molested by their brother, a reference to Josh Duggar’s 2015 admission that he inappropriately touched little girls when he was a teenager.

She has subsequently said that she only talks to cousins of hers who have NOT been brainwashed by their parents.

And now we’ve learned that Jana Duggar doesn’t fall into this category.

“I truly hope to the good Lord above that she is happy and thriving and working through whatever she’s experienced, but I have no contact with her,” Amy told Vanity Fair via an article published on Wednesday, June 28.

Amy Duggar appears in the recent Amazon documentary series Shiny Happy People. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Continued Amy, citing the aforementioned church:

“Anyone that lives at home with anyone in the IBLP, you’re under their control, so I don’t know if she’s necessarily allowed to [contact me].”

Indeed, Jana still lives on her mother and father’s property in Arkansas.

Despite being 33 years old, and despite living under the roof of two people who typically force their kids to get married and churn out kids at a very young age, Jana is single.

There are a few theories why, too.

Jana Duggar and Niece
Jana Duggar smiles here alongside one of her nieces for a photo she shared in early 2022. (Instagram)

Jana is Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest daughter.

Unlike her sister, Jill Duggar, she played no part in the revealing Amazon documentary.

Separately, Jinger Duggar has released a memoir in which she delved into her challenging and troubling childhood.

“[My upbringing] was built on fear, manipulation, control and superstition, so all those things combined in how hard it is for kids to leave or adults to leave — anyone, really,” Jinger told Us Weekly ahead of her book’s release.

“Once you hear the teachings, you’re not supposed to depart from those.”


Amy, for her part, said that the family’s treatment of Josh Duggar after his arrest for child pornography possession was the “last straw” for her.

She told Vanity Fair this week:

“I can’t imagine protecting a predator.

“I think that is the lowest of low, [and] there’s no going back.”

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