Chicago mass shooting leaves two dead and more than a dozen injured

At least ten people have been killed in a series of Halloween party shootings including two 22-year-olds who died after gunmen fired into a crowded garden while revelers celebrated at a Halloween party in a Chicago suburb.  

There have been at least seven shootings, including two in Texas, three in California, one in New Mexico and one in Illinois.

In the latest shooting, Will County Sheriff’s Office said a patrol sergeant heard 10-12 gunshots in Joliet Township just after 12.30am on Sunday morning, according to Fox News

The house in Joliet Township where the shooting happened on Sunday morning (pictured)

The sheriff’s office said the patrol sergeant saw more than 100 people fleeing the house party where the gunfire was heard and he was told the shooting happened in the backyard at 1018 Jackson Street.  

Authorities said more officers arrived and found victims at homes nearby and in the backyard and more shots were heard.

Will County Sheriff’s Office said there were two people confirmed dead, more than a dozen hospitalized and four others seriously hurt after the shooting at the party.  

Jonathan Ceballos, 22, (pictured) died in the shooting

Holly Matthews, 22, (pictured) was killed in the Halloween party shooting

Jonathan Ceballos (pictured left) and Holly Matthews (pictured right) were killed in the Halloween party shooting in Joliet Township on Sunday morning

It has been confirmed by the families of Holly Matthews and Jonathan Ceballos, 22, that they were the two people who died in the shooting.

According to ABC 7 Eyewitness news, Matthews was newly engaged and studying to be an arborist.

She was with her friends at another party in Frankfort when they decided to go to the Joliet Township party.

They were there briefly and decided to leave when the men began firing shots at attendees from ‘an elevated position’ in the backyard near the DJ booth. 

Holly’s father Stephen Matthews told ABC 7 Eyewitness News:  ‘She was just a young girl in a costume for a Halloween party. Lost her life for no reason.’

A party guest called Nathan, who was a friend of Ceballos, said he was a good person and a straight-A student.

Timeline of deadly Halloween shootings 

 Stockton 11.40pm October 29: One dead, two hurt

The shooting happened at a party in Stockton, California at 11.40pm on Friday night.  

Texarkana 12am October 30: One dead, nine hurt

Gunmen opened fire less than an hour after a separate shooting in Texarkana, East Texas. Shots were fired at Octavia’s Event Center in Texas just before midnight on Saturday.

Gilroy 1am October 30: One dead, three hurt 

 A deadly shooting also occurred in Gilroy, California in the early hours of Saturday morning at local council member, Rebeca Armendariz’s house. 

Sacramento 1am October 30: Two dead, five hurt 

Officials said there were hundreds of people at the party where the shooting happened on Saturday morning. 

Albuquerque 3am October 30: Two dead, four hurt 

A large house party on Saturday morning on the city’s west side saw saw another fatal shooting. 

 Joliet 12.30am October 31: Two dead, 12 hurt

Police are searching for the two shooters at Joliet Township on Sunday morning. The shooters opened fire from a porch at the Halloween party of 200 people.

 Houston 12.50am October 31: One dead, three hurt 

A young 18-year-old woman died and three others were hurt at a Halloween party on Sunday morning. It happened on Schilder Drive. 

 Experts say America is experiencing what they are calling a ‘murder surge’ 

Witnesses were left astonished and shell-shocked by the shooting. 

One, Adolfo Sandoval, a party guest, told 5 Chicago: ‘Everyone was having a good time, we were back there dancing, and then all of the sudden a group of people just started firing shots, and everyone fell to the floor. 

‘When they started shooting, I felt the ricochet of the bullets and when I started feeling them I pushed my girlfriend to the side and I fell with her.

‘As I’m getting back up people just started stomping on me, running me over.’

 Two other guests said they heard ‘popping sounds’ and saw a ‘wave’ of people running out of the party for their lives.

They said everybody was scrambling over each other and climbed over a man in front of them on the floor.

People were unsure as to what happened or why the shooting began as they did not know the men and they were not invited to the party. 

It was estimated by officers that the Halloween party had about 200 attendees. 

Police were told by witnesses that they thought two shooters were behind the Chicago incident. 

 According to 5 Chicago, officials are looking for a man described as a Hispanic male who has facial hair.

He wore a red hoodie, black flat-billed hat and dark pants.

The second man authorities are searching for was described as a Black male or Hispanic man who is ‘averaged-sized’ and ‘light-skinned’.

 It is believed he was wearing a yellow hoodie and a ski mask.  

Will County Sheriff’s office told Fox News: ‘This investigation is in its early stages, and Will County Sheriff’s Office personnel are still on scene preserving the crime scene and collecting evidence.’

Anyone with relevant information about the Chicago shootings is asked to contact Detective Danielle Strohm at 815-727-8574 or [email protected].  

Police make enquiries at the scene of the shooting in Joliet Township (pictured)

Police make enquiries at the scene of the shooting in Joliet Township (pictured)

Officers continue to make enquiries into the shooting at the scene (pictured)

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