6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Paint Colour

Choosing a paint colour can feel utterly overwhelming. The swatches are endless and the stakes seem high.

“Colour sends a message,” interior designer and colour consultant Mary Nolte tells HuffPost. “Colour can be bold or timid, bright or muted, playful or serene. They can brighten a room or create cosiness. Colour can create drama or relaxation. The colours you select should set the scene for the mood you are trying to create.”

Indeed, interior paint colours have the power to transform a space for a relatively affordable price. They can create a sense of cohesion in the home, while also separating out spaces.

But how to do you go about selecting the right shades for the spaces you inhabit? We asked interior designers and colour experts to share their advice for choosing a paint colour for your home. Read on for six questions they recommend asking yourself as you make this decision.

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