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Joe Biden keeps talking about how great the economy is and trying to take credit for it but polling shows that the American people are not buying his song and dance.

Millions of Americans across the country are still struggling with the higher prices of gas, food and other basic items.

You simply cannot lie to people about how much money they have.

From Monmouth University polling:

Biden Gets Little Economic Credit

President Joe Biden gets mediocre to poor marks on key aspects of the economy despite him recently touting what he calls “Bidenomics.” Only 3 in 10 Americans feel the country is doing a better job recovering economically than the rest of the world since the pandemic. The latest Monmouth (“Mon-muth”) University Poll also finds Congress and nearly all of its leadership continue to earn negative ratings.

Biden earns a split decision on his handling of jobs and unemployment (47% approve and 48% disapprove). He gets a net negative rating for his handling of transportation and energy infrastructure (43% approve and 51% disapprove) and an even worse rating for his handling of inflation (34% approve and 62% disapprove). More than 7 in 10 Democrats give the president positive marks on these policy areas and more than 8 in 10 Republicans rate him negatively. Approval among independents stands at 41% for jobs and unemployment, 37% for transportation and energy infrastructure, and just 26% for inflation. These results are similar to Biden’s ratings for these three policy areas in a Monmouth poll taken last September.

“The president has been touting ‘Bidenomics,’ but the needle of public opinion has not really moved. Americans are just not giving him a lot of credit when it comes to the economy,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Just look at this tone-deaf tweet:

This is reality:

It doesn’t matter what Biden says. People can see what life is really like under this administration.

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