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Joe Biden national security spokesman John Kirby spent several minutes at the podium on Monday explaining to members of the press, why abortion is necessary for military readiness.

He spoke extensively about how this is a way that the military tells enlisted members, especially women, that the military has their backs and is going to take care of them. Thousands of homeless American veterans might disagree with him on that.

If you watch the video that’s posted below to the end, he even says that one of the reasons the military is having trouble recruiting is because the economy is so great.

The Hill reports:

‘Just the right darn thing to do for people who raise their hand:’ Kirby defends Pentagon abortion policy

White House national security spokesman John Kirby on Monday passionately defended the Pentagon’s policy of paid leave and travel reimbursement for abortions, calling it the right thing to do for Americans who volunteer to serve in the U.S. military.

“You go where you’re told, that’s the way orders work,” Kirby told reporters. “What happens if you get assigned to a state like Alabama, which has a pretty restrictive abortion law in place? And you’re concerned about your reproductive care? What do you do? Do you say no and you get out? Well, some people may decide to do that, and what does that mean? That means we lose talent, important talent.”

“It can have an extremely, extremely significant impact on our recruiting and our retention,” he added. “It’s just the right darn thing to do for people who raise their hand and agree to serve in the military.”…

He said making sure female servicemembers and military families have reproductive care is “a foundational sacred obligation of military leaders.”

Here’s the video:

Did you notice how he kept pounding the podium as he spoke? This administration is completely divorced from reality.

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