Excl: Emily Thornberry Mocks ‘Deluded Fantasist’ Suella Braverman’s PM Bid

Emily Thornberry has mocked Suella Braverman’s shock announcement that she wants to succeed Boris Johnson as prime minister.

The shadow attorney general said her opposite number was a “deluded fantasist” who is “the last thing we need in Downing Street right now”.

Braverman announced on live television last night that she planned to run in the Tory leadership contest, but would not be resigning from the cabinet.

In the Commons this morning, Thornberry told her: “Can I say what an honour it is to be at this Dispatch Box facing the next Prime Minister, as she awaits the call from the Palace.”

Announcing her leadership ambitions on ITV’s Peston show, Braverman said she wanted to cut taxes, cut public spending, end migrants crossing the Channel in small boats and also “get rid of all this woke rubbish”.

Speaking to HuffPost UK Thornberry said: “This was the attorney general who went into Number 10 on December 8th last year and advised Boris Johnson what to say before he told the House of Commons that no parties were held and no Covid rules had been broken.

“Her advice is one of the main reasons the government has spiralled into this total chaos. but she somehow thinks she’s the person to restore order.

“Frankly, I don’t know where she gets the brass neck, but I do know the last thing we need in Downing Street right now is another deluded fantasist with a grossly inflated sense of their own abilities, a distant relationship with the truth, and no respect whatsoever for the rule of law.”

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