Joe Biden Bumps His Head While Exiting Marine One After Taking Massive Fall Earlier in the Day! | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

Joe Biden bumped his head exiting Marine One Thursday evening as he returned to the White House after a trip to Colorado.

Biden bumped his head on the doorframe of Marine One while exiting the helicopter, according to a pool report.

Biden bumped his head but otherwise appeared spry, wearing a blue suit with a matching tie trademark aviators,” the report said.

Earlier Thursday Biden took a MASSIVE fall after delivering the 2023 Air Force Academy commencement speech in Colorado Springs.


Biden bumped his head and fell hard on his hip today, but he’s totally fine according to the political hacks surrounding Biden.

After bumping his head Biden shuffled over to reporters posted up on the South Lawn.

“I got sandbagged!” Biden joked to reporters before hopping away.


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