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The grand jury hearing evidence in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case against Trump related to the classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago is meeting this week after a lull, according to a leak to NBC News.

Biden’s Justice Department has nothing on Trump so they are going to try to get him on ‘obstruction’ charges.

The grand jury had recently taken a break from hearing evidence in the Trump docs case and now they are expected to be back in Washington this week.

NBC reported:

The federal grand jury that has been hearing evidence in the Justice Department’s investigation of former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents is expected to meet again this coming week in Washington, according to multiple people familiar with the investigation.

Prosecutors working for special counsel Jack Smith have been presenting the grand jury with evidence and witness testimony for months, but activity appeared to have slowed in recent weeks based on observations at the courthouse and sources.

It’s unclear whether prosecutors are prepared to seek an indictment at this point. The Justice Department would not comment on the status of the investigation.

President Trump’s lawyers last week requested a meeting with US Attorney General Merrick Garland over unfair treatment by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

In a letter sent to Garland, Trump’s lawyers said unlike Joe Biden and his son Hunter, President Trump is “being treated unfairly.”

“We represent Donald J. Trump, the 45′ President of the United States, in the investigation currently being conducted by the Special Counsel’s Office. Unlike President Biden, his son Hunter, and the Biden family, President Trump is being treated unfairly,” the letter states, according to Fox News. No President of the United States has ever, in the history of our country, been baselessly investigated in such an outrageous and unlawful fashion. We request a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss the ongoing injustice that is being perpetrated by your Special Counsel and his prosecutors.”

Jack Smith’s team has been selectively leaking information about the investigations into Trump in an effort to derail his 2024 White House run.

Meanwhile there are zero leaks about the special prosecutor’s investigation into Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents.

Biden stored stolen classified documents in his garage where his crackhead son, Hunter had access to them.

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