Sonographer Explains How They Actually Tell The Sex Of Your Baby

The 20-week scan is an exciting albeit nerve-wracking time for lots of people.

Most people know it as the one where you find out the sex of your baby (if you want to know, that is), but the most important reason for the scan is to find out whether there are any underlying issues with your baby that need further exploration. Hence why it’s sometimes referred to as an ‘anomaly’ scan.

When you’re lying down with jelly on your tummy, watching what closely resembles a bean jumping about on the screen, it can seem like some kind of miracle that the sonographer can confidently determine the sex of your baby based on what they see – especially if you’re still trying to figure out what’s a leg and what’s the head.

We asked Kate Richardson, managing director and specialist sonographer at The Birth Company Harley Street and Alderley Edge, which is part of The Portland Hospital, to walk us through exactly how they do it.

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