Steve Bannon in Debate Recap: “If You Support FOX and Watch FOX You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself – The Old Republican Party Ended in Milwaukee Last Night” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Steve Bannon on Thursday morning went off on FOX News and the Murdoch family after they blocked Trump surrogates from the spin room following the GOP primary debate.

Bannon went off on FOX News and the GOP.

Steve Bannon: He didn’t walk into the trap. And you saw it there all last night, including the fact, think about it for a second. Byron Donald, MTG, Matt Gaetz, others, sitting congressmen who are on FOX all the time…

…If you support FOX and watch FOX, you should be ashamed of yourself – TV for stupid people. And the only thing I would differ in Don Jr’s assessment is that they’re worse than MSNBC and CNN. Compare the CNN town hall to what Murdoch had, the trap Murdoch had set for Trump last night… Look at what they had set up, an elaborate apparatus. And by the way, this is Ronna, and no offense, my brother Dave Bossy allowed this to happen and actively worked with the Murdochs. You look at the New York Post today and all their assessment. Nikki Haley was great…

…The Old Republican Party ended in Milwaukee last night.

So true. What does the Old Republican Party have to offer you? The Marxists have taken over the elections, opened our borders, and they are currently indicting the leading opposition candidate – FOR THE FOURTH TIME! The Old GOP is not up for this fight. We all know it’s true.

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