Tory MP Conor Burns Says Sexual Misconduct Allegations Were ‘A Living Hell’

Tory MP Conor Burns has told of the “living hell” of being accused of sexual misconduct and sacked as a minister.

The Bournemouth West MP has had the Conservative whip restored after being cleared following an investigation.

Burns was removed as a trade minister in October after claims of “inappropriate behaviour” at the Tory party conference were made against him.

In a Twitter post tonight, he said: “The last couple of months have been a living hell for me, my family, friends and all those who care for me. Their loyalty and love carried me.”

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Burns said he had always been determined to clear his name, and took a swipe at former prime minister Liz Truss’s decision to sack him.

″No one should ever have their career terminated on the basis of accusation alone,” he said.

The MP said he wanted to express his “enduring thanks” for the support he had received from his constituents.

“Like the British people as a whole, they are imbued with determined common sense that sees through political spin,” he said.

“They told me they sensed something wasn’t right and gave me their encouragement and support.

“I will repay that trust to them through my ongoing public service as their member of parliament.”

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