What Would War In Ukraine Actually Mean For The UK?

Western apprehension over a Russian invasion of Ukraine has dominated the news cycle recently – but just how would the UK be affected if the worst was to actually happen?

Here’s a breakdown of how tensions in eastern Europe could impact Britain, and why.

Why is Russia threatening to invade?

First things first – it’s widely believed Russia wants to invade its European neighbour, Ukraine. Russia has positioned approximately 150,000 troops around the Ukrainian border, but is still denying it has any plans to invade.

Yet, most of the West still believe Putin is thinking about crossing over into Ukraine.

While there are a lot of complicated factors at play, it essentials boils down to a power play.

Russian president Vladimir Putin wants to assert his power over the neighbouring country of Ukraine because he believes they should both be under the same sphere of influence, as they were both part of the Soviet Union in the 20th Century.

He does not want Ukraine to shift closer to Europe and the West in general.

Ukraine wants the opposite – it aspires to be part of the EU and Nato (the North Atlantic Trade Organisation) rather than under Russia’s control and so is firmly resisting Putin’s threats.

It has also refused to drop its bid to join Nato, even though some believe that could placate Russia.

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