When Is The Latest UK Heatwave Going To End?

The hot weather is back this week after temperatures reached 40ºC in July for the first time ever in some places in the UK. On July 19 it hit 40.3°C at Coningsby, Lincolnshire, exceeding the previous record by 1.6°C, according to the Met Office.

Another heatwave it set to head to the UK in August. Although temperatures aren’t expected to reach 40 degrees, the heatwave is likely to last for seven days, making it longer than the previous hot spell. The heatwave is predicated to peak on Friday and Saturday, with temperatures possibly reaching 35ºC.

Parched parts of England are facing a hosepipe ban amid very dry conditions. Southern Water is asking customers “to limit your use to reduce the risk of further restrictions and disruption to water supplies, but more importantly to protect our local rivers”.

Parts of England saw the driest July in records dating back to 1836, following the driest eight-month period from November 2021 for the country since 1976.

The Met Office has warned there is “very little meaningful rain” on the horizon for parched areas of England as temperatures are set to climb into the 30s in the second week of August.

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