Cadiz issue statement after Valencia’s Diakhaby accuses Juan Cala of racism

Cadiz have released a statement after Valencia’s Mouctar Diakhaby accused their player Juan Cala of racism during Sunday’s clash in La Liga.

Both teams left the pitch after the accusation, before they soon returned with Valencia claiming they had been told they risked losing points if they didn’t play.

Cadiz said: “The Cádiz Football Club, given the events that occurred in the match against the Valencia Football Club, wants to make the following considerations:

“We are against any situation of racism or xenophobia, whoever its author is, and we work for its eradication. All the perpetrators of these crimes, whether or not they are from our team, must pay for it.

Diakhaby left the pitch, with his teammates following him

“We do not doubt the honesty of all the members of our squad, who are firm defenders of the fight against racism, whose attitude has always been exemplary in all the matches that have been played.

“The entity cannot enter to assess the issues of the game between the players, and we always demand an attitude of respect and responsibility towards the opponents.

“We work and we will continue working so that in our football there are no xenophobic behaviors, with a ‘NO TO RACISM’ with all its forcefulness.”

Valencia defender Jose Gaya explained that Diakhaby told the squad: “He told us he insulted him in a racist way.

“We went back out to play because they told us they could penalise us with three points and something more. He asked us to go back, he’s gutted, it was a very ugly insult.”

Valencia boss Javi Gracia added: “While we were in the dressing room we were told we could potentially be sanctioned if we didn’t return, so we spoke to Diakhaby about it, he said he was not able to play but understood we needed to return to play rather than be sanctioned.”

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