Amid Twitter rebranding chaos, Threads rolls out a massive update on Android

At a time when Elon Musk is busy driving Twitter’s rebranding to X, the Instagram-powered Threads has quietly rolled out one of the biggest Android updates so far. The update added a crucial feature to the text-based social media platform that was missing so far. The new update will add a chronological ‘Following’ tab to the app, that will now enable the users to see a separate feed with posts from only those who the user is following. This has been one of the biggest requests from Threads users ever since the launch of the app, and now the developers have duly obliged.

Before the addition of this feature, Threads only showed new posts on its original algorithmic feed that had a combination of posts from accounts that you follow and the account the algorithm believes you would be interested in. This was not a chronological feed and became a source of annoyance for users who had no control over whether they wanted to see popular but a couple of days old posts, or those posts that were added a few minutes ago.

The new feature was first confirmed by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg who responded to a post that said, “Can you please add a following tab?”, and he replied with, “Ask and you shall receive”.

Threads gets a Following tab

Musk and X CEO Linda Yaccarino are not taking the threat of Threads lightly. Ever since the launch of the Meta rival, Musk has been focusing on bringing changes to the microblogging platform. Earlier, a new video feed was launched, and then DM restrictions were added for free accounts on the platform.

Musk also began paying out content creators on X, and some of them even claimed to receive as much as $5000. Additionally, Musk also announced that verified users will have other avenues to earn money including ads viewed by users in their tweets as well as on their profile.

And now, Musk has rebranded the platform as X, which is touted to be an ‘everything app’ that will heighten the social media experience for users.

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