Couple reveal what swinging is really like after meeting hot strangers for intimate wife swap

Mum reveals what swinging is REALLY like after meeting strangers for an intimate ‘couple swap’ in a hotel room

  • A woman has revealed what swinging is like after trying it with her husband
  • Bradlee Bryant said she and her husband were expecting more from the night
  • She realised she has better sex at home than with attractive strangers in a hotel

A woman has detailed her first experience of ‘swinging’ after meeting up with a good-looking couple before swapping partners for the night.

But Bradlee Bryant, who had not been intimate with anyone other than her husband in over a decade, said the experience was not what she was expecting.

Despite having great banter with the other couple and being attracted to them things fell flat between the sheets.

‘It never crossed my mind that the reality of swinging would be anything less than the exciting fantasy I imagined,’ the woman wrote in a blog post.

A woman has sensationally detailed her first experience ‘swinging’ after meeting up with a gorgeous couple before swapping partners for the night (stock image)

‘We were prepared to trade in our comfort for the thrill of a new partner, but we weren’t anticipating partners that weren’t very good at the whole sex part of the swinging experience,’ she said.

The woman went on to say the sex she and her husband had at home was much better than the sex they had in their separate hotel rooms with their new friends.

Bradlee admits she and her husband were nervous before the date and they had purposely chosen a ‘vanilla’ couple because it was their first time swinging.

Things started off well with free flowing compliments and her new companion’s hand high on her thigh throughout dinner.

But the excitement didn’t translate to a successful earth-shattering orgasm in the bedroom. 


Have you been left disappointed after a swinging experience?

In the weeks before the encounter Bradlee admitted to feeling turned on thinking about sleeping with someone other than her husband.

But couldn’t get properly turned on when she was actually faced with the opportunity.

Bradlee revealed neither she or her husband achieved an orgasm during their first attempt at swinging, which left them disheartened.

But comments on the popular writer’s blog reveal it isn’t uncommon.

‘I can summarise our five years of swinging experience into a single paragraph: The novelty of having sex with someone other than each other is often short lived, frequently disappointing, and sometimes downright awful,’ one man said.

‘As I found out it’s not for everyone. And for many it’s like a full push to get new converts. So if you’re into it more power to you. But respect those who found it lacking without plying them with excuses. It ain’t a religion,’ one man said, defending Bradlee.

Another man admitted he could never ‘finish’ with other women but he and his wife liked couple swapping as foreplay.

‘It was a bit of a mind bender because I am definitely not a stamina king with my wife,’ he said. 

Others slammed the couple for their lack of communication, with each other and with the couple they shared their first experience with.

‘Your experience could have matched your fantasy if you had just put it in more effort. Also how do you think the other couple felt? You talk about how unfulfilled you were I bet this twosome were wholly underwhelmed too,’ one man said.

But the couple revealed their sex life was better at home than it was with their newly acquainted friends (stock image)

But the couple revealed their sex life was better at home than it was with their newly acquainted friends (stock image)

He added that things like kinks and preferences should be shared in advance to give everyone the opportunity to make the most of the opportunity.

While one man said ‘preconceived expectations’ were bound to lead to disappointment.

Another man said the only way he and his wife found satisfaction with swinging was to invite everyone back into the same bedroom.

This way they could enjoy the experience as a couple as well as with others.

‘It is the alchemy of three (or more) passionate partners who are comfortable playing together that create moments of unequalled erotic exhilaration. These moments become the sexiest experiences and most vivid memories of our sexual lives,’ one man wrote.


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