Covid patient ‘is raped by a male nurse in Indian hospital and dies hours later’ 

Covid patient ‘is raped by a male nurse in Indian hospital and dies hours later’

  • The nurse is named as 40 year-old Santosh Ahirwar, who was once suspended  
  • The rape happened at the Bhopal Memorial Hospital, Madhya Pradesh in April
  • The nurse is believed to have also sexually assaulted a 24-year-old colleague 

A Covid patient in India has died after being raped by a nurse whilst in hospital.

The unnamed 43-year-old woman’s condition deteriorated rapidly after she told police about the attack at Bhopal Memorial Hospital, in the Madhya Pradesh region.

She was put on a ventilator and died later that same evening, police confirmed in a statement on Thursday.

The nurse – named as Santosh Ahirwar, 40 – is believed to have also sexually assaulted a 24 year-old member of staff at the hospital and had once been suspended for drinking.

The woman was a survivor of the Bhopal gas tragedy – considered to be one of the world’s worst natural disasters – which killed thousands and exposed half a million to a toxic gas after a leak from a pesticide plant in 1984.

The tragedy happened in Bhopal Memorial Hospital, of the Madhya Pradesh region last month

The hospital is part of a collective managed by the government-run group BMHRC.

A group representing victims of the gas catastrophe slammed the hospital as being in a ‘pathetic condition’ and said that BMHRC bosses need to be held accountable.

They further claimed that the family of the victim were not aware of the rape. 

In a letter to officials, the group stated: ‘The BMHRC management has done everything in its power to push this heinous and criminal act under the rug and that is precisely the reason why the family of the rape victim was not even informed about the events.’

Police stated that the victim had asked them to protect her identity and therefore did not let her family know.

Senior police officer Irshad Wali said: ‘That is why the information was not shared with anyone except the investigating team.’  

The group has called for CCTV to be installed in the hospital and for anyone with a history of sexual assault to be barred from working there. 

Survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy are seven times more likely to die from Covid than regular citizens.

Ahirwar is currently awaiting trial whilst being kept in custody.


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