Biden: Polling not accurate that he’s too old to run

President Joe Biden, 80, dismissed polling that showed there were concerns about his age as he contemplates running for a second term.

He also said Thursday that he has ‘no idea’ if running against 44-year-old Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would be different than another run against former President Donald Trump.

‘Look, do you know any polling that’s accurate these days?’ he asked Noticias Telemundo’s Julio Vaqueiro during a brief sit-down conducted during the president’s visit to Tampa, Florida. 

He told Vaqueiro not to hold him to the number, ‘but I think you have to make something like 51 calls to get one through. And ask any pollster how accurate they think their polling is,’ Biden said. 

‘But look, it may be that, you know, I run, I get clobbered. And if I run, I win,’ the president said, adding that caveat that his ability to win or not wasn’t coloring his decision. ‘That’s not the basis upon which I make the judgment,’ he said. 

President Joe Biden sat down Thursday with Noticias Telemundo’s Julio Vaqueiro during his post-State of the Union trip to Tampa, Florida 

Biden (right) told Vaqueiro (left) that he didn't believe the polls were accurate that showed there were reservations about the 80-year-old president running for a second term

Biden (right) told Vaqueiro (left) that he didn’t believe the polls were accurate that showed there were reservations about the 80-year-old president running for a second term 

On whether he’s made a decision to run, Biden gave the same answer to Vaqueiro that he gave PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff on Wednesday: not yet. 

‘I’m just not ready to make it,’ he explained. 

Biden also tried to give the impression that he wasn’t paying attention to the developing Republican field. 

‘I have no idea,’ he responded when Vaqueiro asked if there was a difference between running against Trump or DeSantis. 

‘No, I’m serious. I have no idea,’ Biden added.  

Vaqueiro then specified if the president thought there would be a difference ‘in terms of polarization.’ 

‘No, I don’t think so,’ Biden answered. ‘Because I think that they have a similar modus operandi, a similar way in which they work.’ 

Former President Donald Trump

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

FLORIDA MEN: Biden said he had ‘no idea’ if there would b a difference in running against former President Donald Trump (left) or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2024 election 

‘But I really don’t know. I’ve never decided to run or not run based on who the opponent will be,’ the president added. 

Trump, who announced in November that he would compete in the Republican presidential primary again, has been launching a series of attacks at DeSantis, a former political ally who has built a national profile in part by taking on ‘woke’ liberal policies. 

DeSantis has yet to announce whether he’ll seek the White House. 

Trump’s former U.N. Amb. Nikki Haley is expected to announce her bid next week, while South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott is also heading out to early primary states. 

During the brief interview, Biden also denied there were plans in the works for mass deportations of non-Mexicans back to Mexico, as The Washington Post had reported Wednesday

‘What you just said is completely wrong,’ Biden told Vaqueiro, who had outlined the Post’s reporting. 

Biden said, ‘I don’t think we have to do that’ after Title 42 is lifted because he believed migrants from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Venezuela and Cuba were making use of the administration’s program that allowed them to enter the U.S. legally. 

On a lighter note, Biden said he would be watching the Super Bowl at home, because first lady Jill Biden told him he’d create too much of a problem if he went. 

Dr. Biden, a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, plans to attend. 

He took Vaqueiro’s suggestion to eat ‘guacamole’ and ‘chocolate chip ice cream’ during the game. 

And he also admitted his Spanish remains poor. 

‘Terrible, but Jill’s trying to learn it, too. She’s doing it,’ the president said. 

He recalled how the late Texas Sen. Lloyd Bentsen had told him, ‘You know, I think someday you’re going to be president … But if you’re going to be, you’ve got to learn to speak Spanish,’ Biden said.

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