Wild argument breaks out between judge and woman suing man for $10,000 for not showing up for a DATE

Judge Herman Marable Jr: ‘I’m looking here… intentional infliction of emotional distress?’

QaShontae Short: ‘Yes’

Marable: ‘Is that the claim here?’

Short: ‘Yes

Marable: ‘That’s not something that’s really discussible in district court.’

Short: ‘I’m sorry, what? I can’t hear you.’

Marable [Louder]: ‘I said that’s not something that’s justiceable in district court! That has to be brought in circuit court’

Short: ‘So you said it’s not permissible in district court and has to be taken to circuit court? 

Marable: ‘That’s an equitable action, yes. Mr. Jordan, let me just ask you, are you planning to represent yourself on this?’

Jordan: ‘To be honest with you, sir, I thought this was just gonna be thrown out.  We had a date, one date, and nothing else after that, and now I’m being sued for $10,000. I don’t see how this is gonna go any further, I think this is a waste of your time’

Marable: ‘The problem is this: if you think it should be dismissed, you need to file the appropriate motion. You need to file a motion to ask for that’

Short: ‘In that letter, he lied and then that’s what brought forth the perjury. It was never perjury in the beginning, it was perjury in his response’

Marable: ‘Well you can’t say… listen, he has the right to put whatever is in the answer’

Short: ‘I’m not saying he can’t’

Marable: ‘You can’t add another count because you don’t like or disagree with what is in his answer!’

Short: ‘If he responds and his response is a lie, it’s perjury, then my documents will proved that he lied in his response’

Marable: ‘No, no, no, no, no. It’s his version… first of all, do you understand what perjury is?’

Short: ‘Yes, I understand perjury is a lie. I know what perjury means!’

Marable: ‘No, perjury is a false statement made under oath’

Short: ‘Exactly, and I have a document that proves he was lying!’

Marable [with Short yelling over him]: ‘You understand! It’s a false statement made under oath! Under oath! It’s a false statement made under oath’

Short: ‘Bottom line is you said it’s a criminal offense so I will send it to circuit court. Are we done here?’

Marable: ‘No, you don’t understand ma’am, you don’t understand’

Short: ‘Are we done here? Are we done here? Are we done here’

Marable: ‘Perjury is a false statement made under oath’

Short: ‘I know what perjury means. Are we done here?’

Marable: ‘No you don’t. I don’t see anything in the complaint that says he made a false statement under oath’

Short: ‘Because you don’t know what happened, you’re on the outside looking in! You don’t know anything’

Marable: ‘But you’re a player! You have to lay out your allegations properly’

Short:  ‘Are we done here? Are we done here?’

Marable: ‘No we’re not!’

Short: ‘Do not insult my intelligence. Do not insult my intelligence’

Marable: ‘You have to lay your complaint out, you have not. It’s not about that, I don’t think you understand what perjury is’

Short: ‘Please, do not insult my intelligence. Do not do that, do not do that as if I do not understand what the word perjury means. If it’s a criminal offense then I’ll move it’

Marable: ‘Well, ma’am, it should not have been filed in district course if you want intentional infliction of emotional distress’

Short: ‘Are we done here? Okay, so that’s a criminal offense’

Marable: ‘Are you going to dismiss it and re-file it in circuit court?’

Short: ‘No, I’m not. I’m not going to dismiss it, I will file another case in circuit’

Marable: ‘Ma’am, you can’t have two cases going on the same issue’

Short: ‘Well, I’m not dismissing the case. If you want to dismiss it that’s up to you but I as a plaintiff am not discussing the case’

Marable [addressing Jordan]: ‘He has to make a proper motion’

Short: ‘Well, that’s on him’

Marable: ‘But I can also transfer the venue to circuit court’

 Short: ‘Yes, that’s what I thought, cause there were other cases that should’ve been transferred somewhere else, so that’s okay’

Marable: ‘Okay, I’m gonna do that. [To another woman in the courtroom] Give me the four? Ma’am, what about his costs associated with appearing because you filed in the wrong court?’

Short: ‘Ummmm, I need to see because I was not aware, since you said perjury was not on there, I was not aware that a criminal offense for intentional infliction of emotional distress was considered a criminal offense’

Marable: ‘That is not what I said, that is not what I said’

Short: ‘It is!’

Marable: ‘No. No I didn’t, you said that. I said that-‘

Short: ‘You stated  intentional infliction of emotional distress was considered a criminal offense and you stated that perjury was a criminal offense, but you also stated that perjury was not on the docket I placed before you-‘

Marable: ‘It’s not in the complaint’

Short: ‘I need you to show me the document which states that intentional infliction of emotional distress is indeed and in fact a criminal offense because that’s the original offense that was placed on there’

Marable: ‘I never said that! I never said that!’

Short: ‘Yes, you did’

Marable: ‘Ma’am, listen, I’m not gonna sit here and go back and forth with you, I’m gonna repeat what I said. You need to be quiet while I’m talking. Can you mute her? She’s gotta be muted’

[Short is muted after continued complaining]

Marable: ‘What I said was, intentional infliction of emotional distress is something that circuit court has jurisdiction over. I never characterized that as a criminal matter! It is definitely a civil claim, but it is something that can’t be done in district court. Now, that’s what I said to you. You are of the mistaken belief that circuit court does not hear civil matters, because you said ‘Well I thought civil court only did criminal.’ You are the one mistaken about the jurisdiction of circuit court because that’s what you stated on the record. Unmute her’

[Bailiff explains that both parties have to unmute on Zoom for her to be un-muted and that Short has been asked to unmute]

Marable: I am ordering that this go to seenth circuit court. Venue is to be changed because intentional infliction of emotional distress is a circuit court matter outside the jurisdiction of district court. Plaintiff shall play the filing fees in the receiving court and I don’t know if you asked for a jury trial or not, you did not, so there was no jury fee. No further proceedings shall be had after transfer until costs or expenses have been paid. If not paid within 56 days of the date of this ordered, this will be dismissed by the court to which it was transferred’

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